Thursday, February 3, 2011

Befuddle me!??!??!?!?!

*So just as a back story, I was asked to argue with myself on a subject and I chose the "Catch 22". My discussion quickly jumps from the "catch 22" to conditioning and the nature of conditioning.  I decided to just "word vomit" so I apologize for my "overly wordy" diction and skips in thought. It's just word vomit!
Erik-I am constantly brought to a level of amazement at the simple yet continuous realization of observances of thought. Consistently and raucously, often without measure or discern, our minds bring us to an understanding in which the only answer expressed is that there is no answer. The object of the catch 22 befuddles me with how frequently its appearances make a cameo in all aspects of life.
IT- Perhaps your observations are that of obstructions provoked through means of the inescapable culprit of conditioning. It is impossible to measure what knowledge has been given to you, and what knowledge you have come to know through your own device.
Erik- But even so, if conditioning proves culprit to such thinking, and what you say is true, I would certainly be conditioned to many different ideas and modes of thought.
IT- Are you not?
Erik- One could argue so. However, one could also-
IT- One could also argue for the sake of arguing
Erik- If conditioning has lead me to every belief I have come to realize in this short span of life, then I would have to be conditioned to all sides of a situation. Ergo, I would be incapable of making a distinguishment between wrong and right, black and white, etc.
IT- And if this is so, are you really making your own thoughts? Or are you a prophet of regurgitation. A flip flop can stand for nothing.
Erik- However. Even if this case were true, I would still have to mention that by all means, even through grey vision, there are still hues that can be darker than others, and the scale still remains to tilt in favor of one way or another. If what you say is to be true, then I would be entirely unbiased towards either side. However, in all thoughts, I continue to hold a bias
IT- What do you think drives that bias?
Erik- perhaps experience. Is it not my experiences that have molded me? or is it my teachers and lessons taught?
IT- Time is the greatest teacher
Erik- Unfortunately it kills all its students
IT- But are not your experiences molded in part by your upbringing? Your lifestyle, religion, etc. Aren’t those forms of mental conditioning?
Erik- And once again we’re back to the catch 22..

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