Thursday, April 14, 2011

blog on blogs!

So this week we’re going to take a step back from our topic and just examine blogging for blogging’s sake. Come to think of it, this can tie directly back to my topic of literature in our society; after all, blogging is a form of literature… right?  So in implementing this suggestion I would love to just discuss my blogging thoughts and experiences for a while.
In first coming in to this idea of blogging, I’m not going to lie, I saw this whole act as silly. Blogging fell into the same arena as such social “nonsensicals” as “Twitter”. The idea of needing approval, comments, and “followers” on a blog seems to me, silly. Although some readers may object to my thoughts on blogging, I would answer that that’s just the way I’ve always thought.
In writing these blogs, I was exposed to new types of blogs. I was honestly very virginal in my blogging experiences; having had little contact with this new world. So I was first exposed to “educational” and “stimulating” blogs for the first time. I had assumed (wrongly of course) that all blogs were just an area where people (regular people) go to spill their guts on an emotional situation or just a regular situation. To break it down to a simpler form, precariously in my mind blogs were a written scenario of the confessionals seen towards cameras in reality TV shows. i.e. when “Snooky” from Jersey Shore (One of the many shows destroying our outlook on media) faces the camera and complains about how one of the other characters was pissing her off. Because this was my distorted outlook on blogging, it’s easy to see where my disgust grew from.
But I was very wrong. Blogging serves a purpose that differs greatly from my previous thoughts. Throughout my blogging I was able to discuss many different topics that were beneficial, not necessarily for a huge sake, but a beneficial sake none the less. I was able to discuss and review books and their importance in society, literature and its views of different concepts such as love (my look at love in literature), and even attack and praise authors for their uses of different mediums of literature (my comparison of Woolf’s biographies to each other)
All in all, I have a brand new respect for blogging and bloggers alike, and an exceptional amount more respect for those who blog academically about pertinent issues and situation. Not only do these people approach these situations and gather their thoughts together to properly inform a new public (the blogosphere), but they do it while adjusting their style and persona in writing to match the wants and needs of the public (while also incorporating media such as videos and pictures to their blogs). These are some grounds that most writers never have to traverse.
In short, my perspective has entirely transformed on blogging, and I do have a new found “somewhat respect” for blogging. However, I can honestly say, it’s not for me! So for the rest of you bloggers, BLOG ON! And be proud of your blogging, it is a fast growing media that has so much to say and so many places to go!